Are drainage systems covered by home insurance?

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You might not think of them very often, but drains are a very important part of your home. They can be easy to forget as they are entirely out of sight and buried deep below. But they make your life easier everyday by making it easy to dispose of water waste. Every time you flush the toilet, have a shower, drain your pasta or wash your clothes, your drainage pipes are hard at work to keep your home clean and water waste free.

Every year, many people have to deal with drainage problems on their properties. Sometimes because of negligence and sometimes through no fault of their own.

But when they get in contact with their insurance provider, they sometimes discover that their issue is not covered. To avoid you finding yourself in such a sticky situation, we have put together this article. By the end you should be able to identify which issues are covered by insurance and which issues you will have to cover yourself.

The most likely issues
A clog in the drain is one of the most frequent problems with drains. This may begin gradually, and it can take years before the issue is apparent. Alternatively, you can discover that the issue appears out of nowhere. The answer is primarily based on the reason for the obstruction and wherein the drain it is located. This will also have an effect on how simple a solution may be found. Even while there are DIY ways to unclog drains, it’s often preferable to go through trained professionals.

Alternatively, your drains may have a break or fracture. These are often found close to pipe couplings, however, they may also be found farther down the piping. This may result in wastewater leaks into the neighbourhood, which undermines the foundation of the building, and often causes structural movements/subsidence.

You could also face damage caused by a tree or plant roots interfering with your drains. In time, roots that burrow far into the earth will interfere with piping. Roots often make holes in the piping as they enter the pipes to find water.

Can you claim for drainage issues?
It is obvious that having a drain problem might result in serious consequences for you as a homeowner. Some of the problems we have mentioned above will cost money and take time as well as effort to resolve. It seems reasonable that you would call your house insurance provider as a result, but would these issues be covered?

The answer is greatly influenced by a number of important variables, including your insurance provider and your particular policy.

The majority of building insurance plans often cover unintentional damage to your drains. The next issue is what exactly qualifies as “accidental damage,” since language like this is often purposefully vague and may result in insurance companies refusing to pay out on the basis of a technicality. So let’s look at examples.

If drainage pipes have deteriorated over time it will be considered to be normal. Therefore, you are very unlikely to get compensation under your “accidental damage” cover. However, you will most likely get compensation if tree roots have gotten into your pipes as it is “accidental damage”.

You could also be able to make a full-coverage claim for damage to your drains, but you’ll need to purchase an additional level of insurance to do so. This is why it’s important to be aware of the details of your insurance policy. If in doubt, get in touch with your insurer and inquire about any possibility. It will save you a lot of time and money if you do end up facing drainage system issues.

What about pipes?
It’s also very important to understand what you are accountable for in case of damage. All drains on your property border are under your authority as a homeowner. Therefore, you will be liable for correcting a drain that is malfunctioning on your property and producing a problem for a neighbour. Your insurance provider will not pay for any damage that results from abuse or neglect. You will have to cover the cost of the repairs instead. This is why it’s so important to keep your drains in good condition.

In conclusion
Get in contact with your insurance provider as soon as you can to discuss drainage issues and learn what is covered by your insurance. All insurance companies are different so policies might be different from one provider to another. Lastly, make sure to keep your drainage system in the best way possible to avoid any bad surprises. Because even if the damage is completely covered by your insurance company, who wants to deal with drainage issues? No one, life is complicated enough as it is! The easiest way to keep your drains in good shape is to carry regular checks by trained professionals. Book our drain maintenance services now to keep your drains happy and avoid any unpleasant surprises! Contact Rapid Drainage at 020 3488 6280 to benefit from the best drain services in London and the South East.