At Rapid Drainage, we provide our CCTV drain surveys across Essex and the surrounding areas. This service is perfect for accurately examining drainage systems, to monitor and avoid possible issues.

In order to uncover blockages and other issues, a CCTV drain survey involves a specialised camera being inserted into a drain and recording what is there. To perform this assessment, the camera is trailed through pipes and into drains on a sturdy, flexible cable.

CCTV drain surveys are used to monitor and maintain the condition of your drainage system and can correctly identify any problems that could be within your pipes.

What are the benefits of using CCTV drain surveys across Essex?

A quicker way to evaluate your pipes and drainage systems is through drain surveying using CCTV. By eliminating the step where engineers physically inspect your pipes, using a camera to find any problems will ensure an accurate identification of the issue. Simply by using the camera’s recordings, the best solution can be recommended. 

Requesting a drain CCTV assessment may often be both time and money efficient because both present issues and weaknesses can be identified. After your drains have been examined, you will be advised of the problems and the best ways to address them.

A drain CCTV survey can find many different issues, such as signs of structural degradation, corrosion, animal intrusion, collapsed drains, clogs, tree root invasion, and the origins of leaks and burst pipes. Your engineer will be able to report to you the problems and provide workable solutions.

In order to accurately identify issues so that the proper areas can be targeted and fixed, modern cameras are used in CCTV drain surveys. Conducting a drain CCTV survey is also not likely to cause much damage or disruption to your drainage system. This is due to the camera revealing the precise location engineers will need to access, allowing them to directly target the right areas to solve the issues.

The process of completing a CCTV drain survey will include a quote for your drains to be inspected. Using an advanced camera, your engineer will be able to find any problems and can recommend to you the right course of action. At Rapid Drainage, our engineers will try to complete any repairs on the same day, but if inconvenient, our engineers can arrange another date to start repairs.

At Rapid Drainage, we offer our CCTV drain surveys across both London and Essex. To book a quote for this service, please contact our team.