Drain Cleaning London

At Rapid Drainage we offer a range of drain cleaning services across London and Essex. You can find out more about our drain cleaning services below. 

Whether you require domestic or commercial drain cleaning services in London, the drain specialists at Rapid drainage are here to help. We offer a range of professional drain cleaning services including High Pressure Jetting, descaling and drain unblocking.

How is High Pressure Jetting (HPJ) be used for drain cleaning?

High-pressure jetting employs a small nozzle to shoot highly concentrated water at whatever the drain blockage is made of, forcing it out or cutting through it. It’s also known as water cutting or hydro-blasting. Because it is so accurate and strong, water jetting can be employed in a variety of settings and situations to keep drains clean.

Is HJP an environmentally friendly way to clean drains?

HPJ is a considerably more environmentally friendly drain cleaning technique because it employs high pressurised water rather than damaging chemicals. Additionally, no dangerous compounds are emitted into the atmosphere. Our experts will also remove any obstructions in the drain and dispose of them.

There is a strange smell coming from my drain, can you clean the drain for me?

Yes, it is likely the cause of a smelly drain is a blockage. Calling a local specialist is the simplest way to unclog a drain; while it can seem like a good idea to try it yourself, doing so won’t guarantee an effective fix. Our staff is on call around-the-clock for emergencies and uses cutting-edge tools to unclog your drains. We do ask that you don’t ignore a blocked drain if you do have one. Leaving a blocked drain unattended might result in further issues; contact our experts to get a price and schedule your repair.

How can I get a quote for drain cleaning?

There are two main ways you can get a quote, for emergencies we recommend you call us on 020 3488 6280 or for less urgent enquiries please email info@rdrainage.co.uk