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Want to talk to someone?
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Over time drains can become blocked due to the build-up of limescale. Over time this build can reduce the water flow and eventually block the drain completely. In order to keep your drains flowing freely, it is important to descale your drains. At Rapid Drainage Services, we offer drain descaling services across London, Essex and the surrounding areas.

What is drain descaling?

Just as with descaling your kettle or shower head, descaling your drains is the process of removing debris, rust and limescale from drainpipes. Limescale is formed of the natural mineral deposits left behind after evaporated water hardens. Limescale build up is normal for all pipes however, limescale may cause more of a problem in hard water areas.
There are several methods available for drain descaling including manual scrapping and high-pressure jetting. Our expert team will assess your drains and then decide on the best method of descaling for you.

What are the benefits of drain descaling?

There are several benefits to having your drains descaled regularly including:

  • Descaling ensures your drains are always free-flowing and working at their optimum.
  • Prevents water pressure and flow being reduced.
  • Descaling is a non-invasive service meaning you don’t have to worry about having your drains dug up.
  • The process can improve the lifespan of your existing drainage system, reducing the need for expensive infrastructure replacement.

When will I need to use a drain descaling service?

Generally, limescale build up is a problem for older drain systems, however there are some other signs to look out for. Your drainage system may be slow to empty, or your drains may be flowing slower than usual. You may also notice drains backing up into your home or you may have noticed your water flow has slowed. If you notice any of these issues, we recommend contacting drainage specialists, like our team here at Rapid Drainage to come and assess if your drains need descaling. If you are facing any of the problems, we have highlighted then please contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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