Here at Rapid Drainage, we are drain specialists who offer a range of drainage services to keep your Hackney home running smoothly. Whether you require routine maintenance or an emergency drain specialist, our team of expert engineers are here to help.

Drain Specialist 24-Hour Call Out
Drain blockages and damage don’t always stick to normal office hours! That’s why we offer a 24-hour emergency call out service so whatever time of day or night, one of our friendly drain specialists will be there to help.

Drain Unblocking
Whether it’s a simple case of natural build up in your drains or if something has been flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t have been, our drainage specialists can fix it. We will provide you with a quote prior to arrival, confirm the quote on arrival and carry out the work efficiently to get your Hackney home up and running once again.

Drain Repair Hackney
If you live in an older Hackney property with an old drainage system, it may be necessary to complete some routine drain repairs. Repairs are also sometimes necessary in newer properties if unavoidable damage has occurred. However if, your drains have become damaged, we can provide a fast repair service.

Drain Descaling Hackney
All drains naturally accumulate limescale, but in places with hard water, the issue tends to be more severe. By decalcifying your drains, you can avoid costly repairs due to blockages and damage.

CCTV Drain Surveys
Moving to a new property in Hackney? You might require a CCTV drainage survey to provide peace of mind that the drainage infrastructure at your new property is at a good standard. If you live in an older property, a CCTV drain survey will assess the state of your drains and find any minor damage before it causes larger problems.

To find out more about our drain specialist services in Hackney, please contact our team.