Drain unblocking London

Drain unblocking consists of resolving any issues within your drainage system by removing blockages and buildup around your pipes. Rapid Drainage can provide drain unblocking services across London to deal with any of your  drainage issues.

Domestic and Commercial Services
Drains within and around your home can easily get clogged. Drains in showers and bathtubs can trap hair strands and soap solids which can cause blockages inside the plug hole. If these drains are not emptied, shower trays and baths can start to flood with standing water, which can lead to the unpleasant growth of bacteria and can create a damp bathroom environment. 

Rapid Drainage provides various services contributing to the unblocking of drains in a commercial setting, within the London area. Our commercial drain unclogging and clearing services include commercial toilet unblocking to allow for a clean environment for both customers and employees as well as an assessment of your overall drainage system to prevent other issues from forming. We also offer drain repairs when needed so your drainage system stays in tip top shape!

What should you do if your drains are blocked?
Get in contact with Rapid Drainage to get a quote if you suspect your drains may be clogged. We will resolve any issues and perform the required repairs for the optimal functioning of your drainage system. 

We use high-tech equipment to evaluate the functionality and treat your drains and pipes. We use tools such as a drain auger and a high pressure jetting (HPJ) systems to help clean out any blockages and buildup that has solidified and is potentially causing disruptions with water flow. Our HPJ system is perfect for targeting and clearing stubborn clogs within your pipes as it operates a high pressure water jet to remove small and large blockages. Alternatively, our drain auger, also known as a “drain snake”, will twist to gradually remove any buildup inside your pipes. The procedures we offer improve water flow and maintain a clean, hygienic environment that also helps to reduce energy costs and potential problems in the future. 

At Rapid Drainage, we provide drain unblocking services for both domestic and commercial drainage systems in the London area. In case of an emergency, you can contact us through our 24-hour emergency drain unblocking service. If you are seeking an assessment of your overall drainage system, you can apply for a quote on our website. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!