In order to maintain hygiene and to enable smooth water flow, Rapid Drainage offers sink unblocking services across Essex.

Blockages in sinks and drains are a frequent problem that can lead to a variety of plumbing-related issues. Blocked food, oils and foreign objects can easily get stuck within your sink which often leads to buildup and blockages. The longer a blocked sink is ignored, the more unpleasant it can become, resulting in odours and standing water flooding your sink. If neglected, blockages and buildup can become more challenging to remove without potentially damaging the pipes.

What should you do if your sink is blocked?
There are a few indicators to watch out for to determine whether your sink is blocked: odours coming from your sink, poor water drainage, and gurgling sounds. Contact Rapid Drainage if you think there is a problem with your sink. We offer a 24-hour emergency service to handle any drainage problems. Get in touch with us to set up a quote for any repairs if you live in the Essex area or want to schedule in a non-emergency service.

To tackle persistent blockages in pipes, two methods that can be used: drain auger and high-pressure jetting (HPJ). HPJ system involves shooting water through a small valve directly into the pipes to dislodge any buildup and blockages. It is a more aggressive option and is effective in removing severe blockages. On the other hand, a drain auger, also known as a “drain snake”, is a gentler method for unclogging pipes. It works by rotating and clearing any accumulation or obstructions in the piping system.

Why should a clogged sink be cleared?
For your plumbing and drainage system to remain in good condition, it is crucial to remove buildup and obstructions. Odours, water overflow, and floods are just a few short-term repercussions that could result from not taking care of the issues with your sink. However, failing to maintain your sink over time may result in problems that could have a long-term negative impact on your plumbing system. Damage to the structure and leakage are two major long-term problems. Above all, a blocked sink can be dangerous to your health since it fosters the growth of mould by creating a bacterial environment.

At Rapid Drainage, we offer emergency 24-hour unblocking services around London and Essex. Contact our team to get a quote.