At Rapid Drainage, we provide sink unblocking services across London to offer effortless water flow and to maintain hygiene to all Londoners.

Blocked drains and blocked sinks are a common issue that can cause many problems within your plumbing. Foreign objects can get trapped within your pipes and clogged food, liquids and oils all contribute to causing both buildup and blockages. Having a blocked sink can start to become unpleasant the longer it is ignored, leading to water overflows and odours. Current blockages and obstructions can also be made more challenging to remove without potentially damaging the pipes.

How do you know your sink is blocked and what should you do?

To understand whether your sink is blocked, there are some common signs to look out for: odours emerging from your sink, slow water drainage and gurgling sounds. If you believe your sink is blocked, get in contact with Rapid Drainage. We provide a 24-hour emergency service to deal with any drainage issues. If you are in London and have a query or want to book in with us for a non-emergency service, simply get in touch to arrange a quote to book in any repairs.

We will often use tools such as a high pressure jetting (HPJ) system or a drain auger to reach and eradicate tough blockages. The high pressure jetting service works by blasting water through a small valve directly down the pipes. This is a more vigorous method of removing extreme buildup and blockages. Alternatively, a gentler method of unblocking consists of using a drain auger. This tool is a manual ‘drain snake’ that can be led down the piping system and rotates to remove buildup and blockages.

The importance of unblocking your sink

The removal of pesky blockages will ensure that water flows and runs smoothly, optimising hygiene. This is particularly important to consider with sinks within kitchens and bathrooms. Indeed, ensuring that blockages are dealt with rapidly and are frequently maintained will avoid more issues further down the line.

Removing buildup and blockages is important in order to maintain the overall health of your plumbing and drainage system. Leaving any problems untreated will likely cause some short term effects that include odours, water overflow and flooding. However, neglecting to service your sink over time will likely cause issues that can impact your plumbing system for the long term. Many long term issues involve leaks and structural damage. Above all, a blocked sink can put your health at risk due to the creation of a bacterial environment that encourages mould growth.

At Rapid Drainage, we offer emergency 24-hour unblocking services around London and Essex. Contact our team to get a quote.