What products can cause drain plugs?

Blocked kitchen sink

Maintaining a smoothly functioning drainage system is crucial for any household or business. However, there are numerous factors that can lead to drain clogs and blockages. One of the often-overlooked aspects contributing to these issues is the improper disposal of certain products down the drain. In this article, we will explore some common household products that can cause drain plugs and the importance of proper disposal.

Cooking Grease and Oil

One of the leading culprits behind drain clogs is the improper disposal of cooking grease and oil. When these substances are poured down the drain, they may initially appear to go down smoothly. However, over time, they solidify and accumulate within the pipes, restricting water flow and causing blockages. It is recommended to collect cooking grease in a container and dispose of it in the trash to prevent potential drain issues.

Hair and Soap Residue

Hair is another common factor that can lead to drain clogs, especially in bathroom drains. When hair combines with soap residue, it can create a sticky, dense mass that hinders water from flowing freely. Using a drain strainer or catcher in showers and sinks can help trap hair before it reaches the drain, reducing the likelihood of clogs.

Food Scraps

Kitchen sinks can easily become clogged when food scraps, particularly those that are fibrous or starchy, are washed down the drain. Items like potato peels, rice, pasta, and eggshells can swell and cause blockages over time. Properly disposing of food scraps in the compost or the bin is a more effective way to prevent drain issues.

Flushable Wipes and Feminine Hygiene Products

Although labelled as “flushable,” many wipes and feminine hygiene products do not break down as easily as toilet paper. These products can accumulate within pipes, leading to stubborn clogs and potential sewer backups. It’s best to dispose of these items in a trash bin to avoid putting a strain on your drainage system.

Cotton Swabs and Dental Floss

Small items like cotton swabs and dental floss might seem harmless, but they can tangle and accumulate with other debris within pipes, contributing to blockages. Properly disposing of these items in the trash can help maintain a healthy drainage system.

The Role of Rapid Drainage Services

At Rapid Drainage Services, we understand the importance of a well-functioning drainage system. This is why we offer professional solutions addressing and preventing drain clogs. Our experienced technicians use advanced tools and techniques to clear blockages, restore proper water flow, and provide expert advice on maintaining drains.

Preventing Drain Plugs

Preventing drain plugs starts with proper disposal habits. By educating yourself and your household about what should and should not be poured or flushed down the drain, you can significantly reduce the risk of clogs. Installing drain catchers, regular maintenance, and seeking professional services like Rapid Drainage Services can further safeguard your drainage system.

It is essential to be mindful of the products that can lead to drain plugs in order to keep your drainage system in good shape. By avoiding the improper disposal of cooking grease, hair, food scraps, and other items, you can prevent blockages and maintain the integrity of your pipes. Rapid Drainage Services stands ready to assist with their expertise in addressing and preventing drain clogs, ensuring a hassle-free and efficient drainage system for your home or business.

If you think there may be a problem with your drains becoming clogged or damaged, get in contact with us to schedule your next service or call us for any emergency. If you wish to learn more about drain maintenance, visit our blog!